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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Road Trip!

Monday night Anya was kind enough to share a big bag of selvages with me. She said that it was well worth giving up a few selvages if it would keep me from digging through the garbage. Who could ask for a better friend?
With my selvage shortage taken care of, I decided to make a full size quilted selvage wallet. I used this quilted wallet tutorial from that*darn*kat. It has lots of room for everything...cash, cards and checkbook. The tutorial is well written with clear instructions and it's perfect to make with selvages!
Now that I have all of my selvage bag accessories completed I'm ready to try them out and the Quilters' Heritage Celebration is the perfect place to do just that! Tomorrow a few of my quilty friends and I will leave bright and early for Lancaster. This quilt show is always spectacular and never disappoints me! There are hundreds of gorgeous quilts to drool over and enough vendors to max out all of your credit cards if you're not careful, but what usually gets me in the most trouble is all of the inspiration that I find there! I always come home with so many things that I want to try and at least one new addiction. At last year's show we saw a beautiful Dear Jane quilt and before we even got home we had decided to form a Dear Jane group and make our own Dear Jane quilts. I wonder what new projects and ideas we will come home with this year???


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the show. Maybe there will be some selvedges to pick up too?

Congratulations on your promotion to the chair. :-)

Jean said...

Oh dear, I am behind, you made something else out of selvages...I think this week your slogan should say my soul is fed with needle, thread and selvages.

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