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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Of My Favorites

You can't really tell it by my latest selvage projects, but my heart really belongs to traditional quilting. I love old fashioned traditional quilts, reproduction fabrics and hand quilting. This quilt, Rebecca's Legacy, was one of my favorite quilts at the Quilters' Heritage Celebration. It was made by Barbara Diem of Watchung, NJ and is her version of a quilt that was made by her great-great-grandmother, Rebecca Miles, during the late 1840's. Tiny squares, eight pointed stars, an appliqued border, and wonderful hand quilting make up this gorgeous 76x88 inch quilt. It's no wonder that it won the blue ribbon in the 100 Pieced Traditional category...it was absolutely breathtaking!


Mary L. said...

I love traditional quilts. I love scrap quilts. I love applique mixed with piecing. And this is one of the most gorgeous quilts I've ever seen!

Deb said...

Traditionals are certianly tops aren't they. But I have loved seeing your selvage rpojects, they make me smile as well.

Mary L. said...

Are those tied 3-d bows in the applique swags?

Jean said...

Very beautiful quilt. I love quilt shows, they are so inspiring.

Kathie said...

Barbara is almost 80 years old and did an amazing job reproducing this quilt
She owns the antique quilt , a group of women reproduced this quilt a few years ago and they have been shown in various NJ quilt shows.
AMAZING each one of the!
I enjoy your blog

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