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Monday, April 6, 2009

Alas, There Was Shopping

Not only were there hundreds of beautiful quilts at the Quilters' Heritage Celebration, but there were also lots and lots of vendors selling just about every kind of fabric, quilt pattern and quilt gadget imaginable! I really hadn't planned on buying anything while at the show because I'm trying to stick to my "use what you have" plan, but the temptation was too great and I ended up coming home with a bag full of patterns, books, templates and even a bit of fabric. I do have plans for everything that I bought though and the books and patterns will be especially helpful in using up some of my stash fabrics, so I guess I didn't do too bad after all!

P.S. Be sure to stop by Hills Creek Quilter and see the slide show that Anya put together of some of the colorful quilts that were on display in Lancaster this past weekend!


Deb said...

That wee bundle looks very interesting Susan. I am sure that you have a need for everything there!lol

Barb said...

It is hard to MAKE the pledge to not shop at a quilt show...to not spend a few bucks is almost impossible! Did you go across the highway to the vendors that did not make it into the Host? They are fun, but very crowded into small rooms :>)...probably explains the better prices! I am glad you had fun...I am looking forward to the Hershey Show!

Karen said...

Lots of wonderful goodies. You have me thinking and I do believe it was just last week that I made my first quilting related purchase for 2009 and I only spent $6.

Anonymous said...

I think books and bits are a good investment for stash busting purposes. Well done Susan. Can't wait to see all your new inspirations.

Jean said...

I think it is an impossible task to got to a quilt show and not buy something after all that visual stimulation!

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