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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Evening Fog

It stopped raining long enough last evening to get our Jeep out for a ride. (This has to be the soggiest summer on record for Pennsylvania...is it ever going to stop raining for more than a day at a time?) Anyway, we traveled some of the back roads of the Tioga State Forest, which is where I snapped this photo of fog settling into the valleys. It was quite a beautiful sight!


Barb said...

Oh Susan this is a beautiful picture, despite the rain, I still love and will stay in PA ☺! What did the weatherman say...we have had 9 days without rain since the beginning of Spring! Yep lots of rain for sure! Have a great day, it is raining so maybe have a day of quilting!

kwiltmakr said...

There is nothing like those beautiful rolling hills of home! Thanks for posting that photo. I miss those green green hills.

Julia said...

We love driving through the mountains of PA when we visit our daughters who live in the NE. Wilkes Barre is one of my favorite quaint looking places. You foggy photo looks like the Smoky Mountains.

Mary L. said...

How beautiful. Makes me want to visit!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Beautiful picture. What a lovely view.

Karen said...

Don't you just love the rolling hills of NE PA?!! Great Pic!

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