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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've never felted anything before (that is...I've never felted anything on purpose before) so when I came across some blue wool in my yarn stash and thought it might be fun to try a felted project. I found this pattern for Felted Nesting Bowls from Alice Thelma and I love how quickly it knits up on the big size 10 needles. I can hardly wait to finish it, so I throw it in the washing machine and see what comes out!


Kathy P said...

I love those nesting bowls! Wish I were a knitter now... Can't wait to see how yours turn out - keep us posted!

Janet said...

I love the bowls too, so neat.

Jackie said...

I have felted one project on purpose. The great thing is that they knit up quick. Hmmm...I never did put the zipper in that thing! :)

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