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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just For Fun

When I saw this beaded scissors fob in a vendor's booth at the AQS Quilt Show I knew it would look great on my new embroidery scissors with the flowered handles. Is it necessary to have jewelery for your scissors? Not at all, but sometimes a quilter needs a little something just for fun!


andsewon said...

I love your scissor's bling!!!!

Rene' said...

I bought a pair myself at my LQS. I had seen them online and thought "I can make these myself". Of course I never did, and then when I saw them at the store, I bought a couple of pairs. They are a great way to identify your scissors and rotary cutters when sewing with a group. Too fun. Love yours!

Dena said...

Great way to easily identify your tools at a sew-in or retreat.

Deb said...

Susan, a girl is intitled to a bit of bling whenever she feels like it. I love the fob for your scissors, makes them so much easier to find.
hugs Deb

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