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Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Power? No Problem!

The power was out for a few hours yesterday, thanks to a faulty transformer up the street. Have you noticed that everything you want to do when the power is out requires electricity? I thought about dusting the living room or mopping the floors, but then I remembered the bag of 30's reproduction fabrics that I bought a couple weeks ago and decided to cut them up. I now have all the blocks cut for a disappearing nine patch quilt and "lucky" for me the power was out long enough so I could get some cleaning done too.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great way to use your time! Love the 30's fabrics.

kwiltmakr said...

Funny how much you can get some things done when your forced to. I got a lot of things done last week with no computer.

Mrs Quilty said...

That disappearing 9 patch is very interesting...I am expecting my 2nd grandchild in November and have 10 fat quarters of baby flannel and think maybe I should do this quilt. Easy and quick!

Anonymous said...

When we lived in the countryside the power would often go. Initially I would be "can't be on the computer, I'll sew... can't be on the machine, I'll load the washing machine... can't do the washing I'll have a coffee... can't boil the kettle EEEK!" I did get used to it eventually. I love how you used your computer free time- you've definately got your priorities straight. :-)

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