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Sunday, May 31, 2009

DJ Mini Retreat Report

What a wonderful time we all had at the Laurel Janes Mini Retreat yesterday! It was a great day filled with friends, food and fun! I will say that I was feeling pretty insignificant with my 32 little blocks when this beauty was unfolded though. I've been working on my blocks for a year and it seems like this one was put together "overnight"! (Although the maker assures me that it took a bit longer than that.) There are several others in our group who are getting fairly close to having all of their center blocks completed as well, each in different color schemes and each just as beautiful as the next! Seeing these center panels so close to completion was almost enough to make me want to keep making blocks, but that didn't last long once the setting suggestions started coming in for my blocks. I think they all must have hatched this plan together to keep me in the group for life because I have been talked into putting a solid neutral colored block in-between each DJ block and then hand quilting it. Yes, even with only making 32 blocks this is still going to be a lifelong project!
(The last photo is a small section of Anya's Dear Jane quilt. You can follow her progress at Hills Creek Quilter.)


Jean said...

What great fun!!!! It is inspiring to see what others are doing.

Barb said...

Such a sense of accomplishment for the gal with the quilt you are showing us...that is a LOT of work! I am glad they were able to help you with ideas for yours, and you too will have a wonderful finished DJ quilt! When you have a quilters retreat it is just so much fun and always plenty to eat and ideas to fill up on! Enjoy the week!

Deb said...

Gosh that big DJ is stunning isn't it. Some people are amazing. I think your blocks are going to look great with the solids between them, its a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Those are so lovely! Oh my I feel as overwhelmed with the wonderfulness of the big quilt top as you did.

Good luck with your own dear Jane quilt.

Mary L. said...

Great pics and lovely work. I need to get back in gear and finish my remaining 15 center blocks. It's ridiculous that I haven't. I could have been done a month ago or more.

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