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Monday, May 11, 2009

Comment Help Needed

For some reason I am not able to comment on blogs that use the above comment format. I have tried commenting by using my Google account without success. The Name/URL and Anonymous options won't work either. I'm assuming that it has something to do with a setting somewhere that I am overlooking because I see others replying without any trouble. Can anyone offer a solution to my problem?

Edited to add that the problem has been solved! I am using the Mozilla Firefox browser and for this comment format to work properly you have to accept third-party cookies. Tools>Options>Privacy>check box "Accept third-party cookies".


jovaliquilts said...

Sorry, Susan, I don't know -- I just ran across that type of comment option recently but was able to use it. All I can suggest is that you go into your settings and see what's there. Good luck.

Anya said...

I use the Google Account option and once in a while and I get a red message telling me that "your comment could not be processed" or something like that. I just do it again and it usually takes it the second time. Couldn't tell you why...

Dayna said...

Same here...sometimes it takes two or three times to get it to post.

LuAnn said...

Your lilacs are beautiful. I agree with you "missing quilting season", but there is so much to do once we have nice weather. I do enjoy taking some hand work out on the deck sometimes so I can just get a few stitches in.

Kelly Jackson said...

I am so glad you found the answer. I was going to send your blog to a whipper snapper computer gal I know and see if she could tell us why. It always seems to be something small but unknown.

Deb said...

Whew that was a close call, I would hate to think we wouldn't hear from you. Pleased its all fixed for you Susan.

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