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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To The Beach And Back!

We had an absolutely wonderful visit in North Carolina with our son and daughter-in-law! I believe that we saw and did it all in just the few days while we were there. The first day there we toured Cherry Point, saw all the sights on base and got to meet our son's explosives dog as well as the other dogs in the K-9 unit. The next day we took a trip to Atlantic Beach, the North Carolina Aquarium and finished the day with a stop at the Crab Shack for some amazing fresh seafood! (Eating seafood in Pennsylvania will never be the same.) Our last day there took us to Beaufort, a wonderful little town that just happens to be the third oldest town in the United States. We took a walking tour through the historic district, visited the Old Burying Ground, toured the North Carolina Maritime Museum, shopped the boardwalk, took a boat ride around Carrot Island to see the wild horses and finished out the day eating dinner on the waterfront deck of a very nice restaurant (that I can't remember the name of...darn!) while watching the sun set. It was a fantastic trip and I was sad to leave, but in the same respect it is good to be home and back into my regular routine too.


quiltingnana said...

hey...see you are from Mansfield. I was originally from Towanda and got my MS at Mansfield. Small world!!

Susan said...

It sure is a small world! We're actually in Wellsboro, but in an area this rural it's all the same!

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