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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Do you label your quilts?  I know all the reasons why we should label our quilts, but I rarely do unless it's required for some reason.  I guess I'm just lazy that way.  These quilts needed labels because they are going to be displayed at the Glenn Curtiss Museum with some other select quilts from the Out of Line Quilters.  Quilts will be on display at the museum from September 13 - November 4.   


Exuberant Color said...

I rarely ever label a baby quilt. I do label wallhangings and quilts that will be on display but not many others.

Kathy P said...

Sometimes, when I get lazy, I've been known to just write the info on the back of the quilt with a pigma marker. No sewing needed! And it's permanent!

Jean said...

I don't label as much as I should. I have been trying to be better! Have we seen the front of this quilt? I hope you will go and take pictures of yours and the others in the exhibit! Sounds interesting!

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