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Friday, August 30, 2013

Firefly Cabled Socks

My Firefly Cabled Socks are finished...just in time for fall!  I love how these worsted weight socks fit and they will be perfect for keeping my always cold feet warm this fall and winter!

For those who were wondering if I had any tension issues while knitting the socks and the blanket at the same time...I haven't noticed any difference in either project!  I suspect that I was made to believe that there would be problems to get me to finish one project before starting another...I guess it worked for awhile!


Jean said...

Very pretty and green! I rarely wear socks at home as my bare feet keep me cool! But I love these and can see how warm they would be.

Kathy P said...

Nice cammo effect! You'll never see the grass stains on these babies!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my goodness- these are gorgeous! As much as I love to knit--- I will never knit a sock! Yours are stunning- great job:)

Thank you for supporting the little Pink Scarf project-- I'm so excited to be getting a scarf from you. Thank you also for your willingness to share the project with your friends--

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