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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Christmas Crunch!

Oh my goodness, it's less than two weeks until Christmas and I still have projects to finish, cards to write, cookies to bake, decorating to do, gifts to buy, wrap and mail. I'm starting to think that I may have to give up sleeping just so I can get it all done! Is anyone else feeling the Christmas crunch?


Julia said...

I'm with you!

Millie said...

Yup! Me too!

Vivian said...

I'm doing OK--just cards to finish. Our holiday stress improved when our families agreed NOT to exchange names--we buy gifts for only our own children and grandchildren.
Instead, we contribute what we would have spent to a worthy organization or two.

Our stress level is reduced, and we're giving to someone who REALLY needs something.
I enjoy Christmases much more now.

Anya said...

Tell you what...you don't have to finish my Christmas quilt until Orthodox Christmas on January 7th. That gives you two extra weeks -- doesn't that help your stress level? : )

Barb said...

I hear ya!! This morning I was so absolutely stressing over the unfinished things...and then I thought, hmmmmm this is not getting it done...I just needed to get busy, and so I have, LOL!! Quite the break Anya is cutting you with the gifted quilt...WOW a whole extra two weeks, what a great friend :>)!! Have a weekend that achieves lots of goals!

Deb said...

Lets put the whole Christmas thing on hold for 6 months, what do you think? Any good?

kwiltmakr said...

It dos come fast, doesn't it! No worries, all will get done in time.

Jackie said...

I'm with you! Cards are almost done - no pictures in them this year. Cookies may not get baked at all. Shopping is coming along - nothing wrapped or mailed.

And what am I doing tomorrow? Going to a rug guild luncheon and then will stitch or knit the afternoon away and enjoy every minute of it. Somehow enough of it will get done!

Jacque said...

I totally understand! I have so much I want to get done and such little time! Its time to prioritize! :o)
Merry Christmas!

PatchworkRose said...

Get your skates on girl :-)
I have not done the cards either. But then I have only received one so far too. I think that the pressure is on. Hey don't stress it is only one day out of 365.
It'll happen :-)

Selvage Quilter said...

I still have all that to finish too, but I'm not worried. Am I missing something? Is it that late? It will probably all get done, and if the cards are late, that's not the worst thing. Maybe I need to "get my skates on," that cracked me up!

Rene' said...

Ummm...YES!!!! I'm feeling the crunch too. Can you tell by how behind I am in blog reading?!

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