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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Works!

I knew that my Juki sewing machine (the one that I have on my quilting frame) had a trap door on the bottom of the machine to make cleaning easier, but it's such a hassle to take it off the frame carriage that I rarely take it apart.  Honestly, I thought that I was getting it clean enough from the bobbin access.  Apparently, I was wrong!  Just look at the size of those lint balls...I'm surprised that it still ran with that much lint tucked in there!  I guess I should do a full cleaning/maintenance more than once a year.  How often do you give your machine "the works"?


Kathy P said...

I do the normal clean & oil routine at the start of every quilt, but I've never turned my Juki over to open that trap door. Wonder what kind of goodies I'm going to find! Thanks for the tip Susan!

Jean said...

I clean mine every time I start a project. My machine doesn't have a trap door. Might have to investigate what's in the bottom of mine. Yikes!

I had to laugh, when I looked at your photo real quick, I thought that was the part of the dryer that the vent hose hooked into. Yikes! I need to get my eyes checked.

Needled Mom said...

It really amazes me when I look at the amount of lint that collects in my machine. I try to get mine in once a year for a whole cleaning, but I clean the bobbin case often.

Laura said...

Oh, your picture made me smile! My son took my machine apart recently to fix a "funny sound" and we found all sorts of lint balls in the bottom! No trap door to clean them out though...so I guess we'll just have to take it apart every once in awhile!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the wonderful gifts I received in the mail the other day! I just love the mug rug and dishcloths/potholders...
especially the colors! I'm going to do a post on them very soon on my blog...but we've had some "wicked" weather...thunderstorms, rain,rain, rain...did I mention rain? And, well, it is having a hayday with our internet! I'll be surprised if I can get this post sent before it goes out again!
Just wanted to thank you again, I LOVE MY GIVEAWAY PRIZE!

Sweet blessings,

Cheryl said...

I clean the bobbin case often and wish I could get to the bottom too .I never looked to see if there is a trap door. It would be wonderful if there is . I would hate to have to pay $80.00 for a cleaning service !
I am going to check it out .Thanks for this posting.

Jean said...

HA! you are making felt under there!

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