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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Silent Sunday

I can't remain silent this Sunday, because this photo deserves some commentary!  Friday morning I noticed something black go by our living room window.  I first thought that the neighbor's dog had gotten loose, but when I took a second look I realized that it wasn't Casey...it was much bigger than a cocker spaniel!  It was a HUGE black bear looking for some breakfast!  By the time I got the camera and got outside (Yes, I stepped outside to take the picture...I know, I know.) he was already across the street nosing around the neighbor's camper, but he didn't hang around long when he realized that there wasn't anything to eat there either.  This bear lover is tempted to keep a few doughnuts on hand for unexpected guests, but feeding the bears is not recommended or legal in our area!


Terry said...

I think I'd be scared to death if I saw that outside my window! And definitely don't feed him! That's would only make it worse for the bear, and probably you too! Hopefully he's gone back to where he belongs now!

Patty Ashworth said...

There are more bears and critters every where this year. Mild winter has multiplied animals. Bears have been seen in Oak Ridge, TN, which is unheard of! They are wild and can charge at you... Smaller animals can have rabies also. I'm staying in and quilting!

Janet said...

What a thrill and my heart would be pumping fast if something like that were in my yard.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh my, that 's too close for comfort for me!!

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

I think I would have been too scared to open a door to take a picture. I have too many childhood memories of bears from camping trips to Yellowstone National Park!

Pat said...

YIKES...I'd only be taking a picture through my window!!!

Joanne Lendaro said...

OMG!!!! That is way scary!! I am so facinated by them, but living in NH see all of the damage and harm they can do..and it's SCARY!!

diegoagogo said...

Lions & Tigers & BEARS!!!! Oh my!!!
How lovely to see such a magnificent creature so close.
I agree though, best not to feed them or they could get into serious trouble & you would not want that on your karma.
Here in the UK, they encourage feeding of foxes and other wild animals but they would probably draw the line at bears.
Stay safe out there!!
London, UK

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