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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Susan's Frustration

When I decided to take this Dear Jane journey I knew that I would need more instruction than what the book provided, so I purchased the software to save myself some mental anguish. The software is a wonderful tool and it provides instructions for rotary cutting, paper piecing and templates for all of the blocks, but it is not free of errors...not by a long shot! I have renamed F-3 Snowball "Susan's Frustration" because of all of the errors in the rotary cutting directions for this block. The photo on the printout confirms that I did print the correct pattern, but if I had followed the cutting directions as written there's no way it would have produced a snowball block. I strongly suggest to anyone using patterns from the DJ software to look at the cutting diagrams closely and make sure the measurements and number of pieces needed are correct before cutting your fabric.


Jean said...

That is too bad, Susan. Snoodle http://jeanqueen666.blogspot.com/
posted about a problem with the software also. Looks like it came out well in the end. These blocks look so complicated to be so small.

quiltingnana said...

thanks for the heads up...I too have on occassion found mistakes in patterns. You are right to warn readers to make sure of the pattern before starting to cut

Karen said...

I'm working from the book and have come across two blocks, so far, that Brenda has altered from the original. I caught the first one before I made it, but pieced the second one before I realized she changed it.

Anya said...

I agree..both the book and the software desperately need a version 2.0!

Barb said...

Interesting observation from both you and Anya. Do you think the designer of the software and book are aware of the errors? It is good that you and Anya are both seasoned quilters or that could be very discouraging to deal with the errors! Perhaps some have become frustrated and pushed the whole DJ project to the side...to become another UFO!

jovaliquilts said...

Carol Miller teaches a class at Quilt University called "Jane Must Be Crazy!" She has adapted the Dear Jane blocks to more standard sizes. I think purists won't go for it, but for people who like the look and want to keep their sanity, it's a good idea. It must really be frustrating to use software that has errors.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so frustrating! I had a little trip into template from a book piecing at Christmas, but got very frustrated with one which when the pizza slices were sewn together, were more than 360c circle. I ended up fiddling around so it wouldn't look like a rolling sea.

Good on you for telling others about this flaw.

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