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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Labels

The art quilt group that I belong to was asked to provide a display for the Wellsboro Wine & Art Tour this weekend.  Of course, we were happy to oblige even though part of our collection is already on display at the Glenn Curtiss Museum.  I just put labels on the quilts that I sent to the museum, so now the rest of my art quilts are getting labeled.  It hasn't been easy either!  Thankfully I have all the information about these quilts documented here on the blog, but finding matching fabric for the labels has been a challenge!  Yes, I'm going to say it...it really would have been so much easier if I had put the labels on with the binding.  Maybe I have learned my lesson about this labeling thing!


Terry said...

I've put labels on just a few of my quilts. I have so many that I need to do one of these days.

Jean said...

lol we'll see if you have learned your lesson or not...I am right there with you in that class!

Needled Mom said...

Good advice for all of us!

Barb said...

sometimes it we just do things the hard way...but I am bad about labels

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