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Friday, April 12, 2013

I Love A Good Deal!

Sew Green is fast becoming one of my favorite craft stores!  This wonderful little store in Ithaca, NY is a thrift shop paradise for all crafters!  Fabric galore, notions, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, trims, buttons, patterns and books.  If it's craft related, you're likely to find it at Sew Green for a great low price!  I recently found some wonderful wooden knitting needles and beautiful baby cotton yarn and I brought it all home for under $15.00!  I love a good deal!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I know this is a shot in the dark, but have you ever come across a gal who does silk screen t-shirts at any of the craft fairs or shops in Ithica?? I have a childhood friend who lived there and did the silk screening as a business. Her name is Jan but we lost touch many years ago. Just wondering if she was still doing that and still in the area.

Needled Mom said...

Wow....that is a great deal. Thanks for the heads up!

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