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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Is Why...

This is why I don't pin baste!  Yes, that is a safety pin and next to it is my sewing machine needle broken into three pieces!  I was sewing a binding on a charity quilt and didn't see that a pin had crept into the path of the needle.  All of a sudden there was a thud and everything stopped...no error display, no power, no nothing!  Thankfully, I found all of the broken needle pieces and none were lodged inside the machine.  I replaced the needle and turned on the power switch. Nothing.  I flipped the switch again.  Nothing.  Unplugged the machine and plugged it back in.  Still nothing.  I could have cried!  Then after a few more stressful moments, it occurred to me to check the reset button on the surge protector.  That was it...the lights all came on and all was good!  Whew!


Diane said...

oh my gosh! I know that sinking feeling in your stomach when the 'nothing' happens! So glad it was an easy fix.

Cathy said...

OH boy! Yeah I never use pins either. I baste like the old days. Lately I have been using that basting spray. Works rather nicely, at least for smaller projects.

Glad you did not break your machine, that would be have been terrible.


Jean said...

Oh, I know that feeling all too well. You start tasting that fear in your mouth...the heavy sign, and then the relief that it wasn't all that bad.

Cheryl said...

Oh I am so glad you did not mess up your machine !! I have had this happen several times on the old machine , I am very careful with this one.
It sure can make you feel terrible but relived when it was just the something so simple.
So glad it was an easy fix.sessaudi

Needled Mom said...

Whew is right!!!!!

Jackie said...

That must have been a very scary moment. I'm not sure I would have thought of the surge protector.

I don't pin baste either. It kind of drives me nuts and spray basting seems to work well.

Joanne Lendaro said...

glad you got up and working again!! that is scary!!

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