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Friday, August 24, 2012

Quilty Hugs

When one of our guild members is seriously ill we put together a hug quilt for her to let her know that she is loved and that we wish her well.  The blocks in this quilt were pieced and signed by various guild members, the top was assembled by another member and I did the quilting and binding.  In the year that I've held the Outreach Chairperson position for our guild, this is the first hug quilt that we have had to make.  I hope it is also the last, not because I didn't enjoy working on this quilt, but because I wish all of my guild sisters continued good health!


Michele Bilyeu said...

What a wonderful way to pass on a hug to a quilter! I'd think that one of these would make just about anyone feel better in a hurry! Love the idea of all of you signing it and hearts are just about as good as it gets ...love it :)

Jean said...

Very cute quilt and she will appreciate it lots! Great job! do you have a large guild?

Joanne Lendaro said...

I'm sure the quilt will be loved. the signatures will really make it special. It is a great little quilt.

Needled Mom said...

It is a lovely gift for her, but I can understand your reasons for not wanting to make another one.

Jean(ie) said...

I totally understand your make any more. What a beautiful gesture!

evelyn said...

Truly a gift from the hearts of many.

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