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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sewing bindings doesn't make for a very exciting afternoon of stitching, but whether they are exciting to sew together or not, they are an important part of the quilt. The bindings in the photograph are going to be used on a couple of charity quilts that I have been helping with. I love to cut stripe and plaid bindings on the bias, which is what I did with the blue and beige plaid binding in the photo. The bias cut will give the stripes a wonderful wrap around effect along the edge of the quilt once it has been sewn down. There are a couple of ways to make bias binding, but I prefer to cut the fabric on the bias and then sew the strips together rather than fussing with continuous bias binding. The other binding in the photo was cut on the straight of the grain and will eventually be put on the DNP quilt that we put together a few weeks ago. I think the colorful design will make an interesting binding without having to be cut on the bias. Hopefully both of these bindings will be the perfect finishing touches for two more quilts!

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