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Friday, July 6, 2012

Quilter's Stitch Together

If you have ever donated a quilt to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative then you will no doubt recognize the name, Beth Hartford.  Beth is the one who painstakingly registers each and every Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt and then emails each quilt maker with a registration number and mailing instructions.  As if that wasn't enough, Beth also donates two half yard cuts of hand-dyed fabrics from her online store, Quilter's Stitch Together, to each person who completes the $1000 Promise.  Just look at these beautiful purple and green fabrics that I just received in the mail...no doubt that they will end up in a future quilt for the AAQI!


Cheryl said...

Beautiful colors,what a wonderful friend Beth is.

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful colors in those hand dyed fabrics. She sounds like a wonderful worker for the cause.

Jean said...

They are gorgeous!

Beth said...

Thanks for the kudos, Susan, but without wonderful quilt donors like yourself, AAQI would not exist. My work for AAQI is near and dear to my heart since I lost my Dad in December 2010 to this horrid disease - actually losing him 6 or 7 years earlier because of the effects. My motives are selfish; I can't imagine (or stomach) watching anyone else that I love disappearing like that and I will fight as long as I am able to help find a cure. Please, enjoy the fabric with a happy heart - it makes me happy to send it to you and you have certainly earned it by raising $1000 with your quilts!!

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