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Monday, July 16, 2012

Quick Kindle Case

My back still isn't letting me do much sewing, but when my granddaughter asked if I would make her a case for the Kindle that she just received for her birthday, how could I say no?  Besides, I've made enough of these cases that it hardly takes me any time at all to whip one up.  It honestly takes longer to decide what fabric to use than it does to sew it together! 


Jackie said...

I don't see how you can say no to your granddaughter either! Cute case and I'm sure she loves it.

Jean said...

Very cute! I'm sorry to hear your back is still causing so much pain. Hope it gets better soon.

Speaking of kindles, did you order that cover like I bought? I seem to remember you were talking about it. I love mine.

Rene' said...

It's great to have a project like this that you can go to and only have to wonder which pretty fabric to use. I'm sure your granddaughter is thrilled. Hope your back heals soon.

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