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Monday, November 15, 2010


I have had this 3" tumbler template for awhile and never used it, so during a recent stitching session with a few friends, I took the opportunity to try it out.  As I was cutting, I commented that the template makes the job so much easier than cutting tumblers with a ruler and then a friend had to burst my bubble and tell me that AccuQuilt just came out with a 3" tumbler die to go with their new Go! Baby.  Just think how fast I could have cut out this little wall hanging if I had a Go! Baby!  (Hint, hint...are you listening, Santa?) 


Needled Mom said...

Oh yeah....can you imagine how much faster it would be??? I hope Santa is reading this. I was reading the other day that it made more since to get the big GO instead because the baby doesn't come with the mat or dies.

Anonymous said...

Hia Susan thanks for visiting my blog.

What a lovely quilt. Yes I can see just how useful a tumbling template would be. I hope Santa brings you one.

Terry said...

Your tumbler blocks look great! That's another one on my someday list! :0)

kwiltmakr said...

I have been going to make one of those. I would think the template would make it so much easier and I think they are quick to sew to aren't they? I like your quilt, another good way to use some scraps. Did you get your template at Joanns? BTW, I am headed your way.

Barb said...

YOur tumblere is just wonderful....no matter which way it was cut.

Janet said...

Wouldn't we all love a tumbler quilt like yours but it remains on the list apart from a little mini I did. I think I have the same template. I hope Santa's listening to your wish.

Lori said...

That is so pretty!!!

Kathie said...

I love tumbler quilts ! yours looks great
I hope to do a 30's tumbler soon

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