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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Think Phil Might Have Been Wrong

It was 65 degrees on Friday when we left for Philadelphia.  The snow was melting and there were even spots in our yard where the grass was showing through!  I thought sure that spring was certainly coming early, just as Phil predicted.  Spring was definitely on our minds when we were dyeing yarn over the weekend as well!  As you can see, the first skein is reminiscent of fresh honeydew and cantaloupe.  The lil' cowboy chose the color of the middle skein, a sunny orange gradation.  The last skein is a self-striping yarn of bright yellow, spring green and bits of white appropriately named, "Dandelion".  Unfortunately it looks these yarn colors are as close as we are going to get to an early spring.  We came home last night to find a foot of new snow on the ground and temperatures in the low teens.  I think Phil and I need to have a serious talk about his prediction! 

These yarns were dyed with ordinary food coloring and then heat set in the microwave.  There is a very good tutorial that outlines the whole process at BeatleWear.


Needled Mom said...

How gorgeous!!!! I love the colors you used.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Beautiful yarn. My BFF who lives near Akron emailed me that they got 12" of snow and it was still coming down!! She was visiting me in Florida last week, so it was kind of a shock to go back into all that snow.

Jackie said...

Beautiful yarn!

I think spring will be early this year. It almost feels like summer here today as I almost turned on the air conditioner. Ugh!

Dora, the Quilter said...

Love the lovely colors of your yarn.
Yes, I too fear Phil was wrong. Sadly I learned that lesson back in the 1950's. No matter how many years the groundhog said spring was on its way to Central Illinois, we always, always had at least six more weeks of winter. In parts of New Mexico, there's a little more help, but we've had snow as late as May 8 (could have been a bit later). Yes, I am more than ready for spring!

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