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Friday, October 17, 2008


Every third Saturday for the past three years I have worked with several other ladies from our quilt guild to teach a group of children to quilt. The program has been completely sponsored by the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild and at one time had as many as 25 children enrolled. Unfortunately, attendance has dropped considerably over the past year and it was decided that it is time for the youth sewing group, as it is now known, to end. I have enjoyed working with this group of children, especially watching their sewing skills improve, and sharing in their excitement as their quilting projects took shape. I am really going to miss working with this group of kids, but as the saying goes, "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" and that will be true in this case as well. With the ending of the youth sewing group will come the beginning of a series of basic quilting classes geared for beginners of all ages. It is our hope to be able to help preserve the art of quilting in our community by providing classes for all of those who want to learn and not just children. Even though I am sad to see the youth sewing group come to an end, I am looking forward to this new endeavor and meeting a new group of future quilters.

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Anya said...

Susan --
You and Moddy deserve a big round of applause for all the work that you put into making the youth sewing group such a success. Thanks to you there are now a whole bunch of new young people in our area who are excited about sewing. Good job! And there is more success to come with the new plans...

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