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Friday, August 14, 2015

Just One More

Ok, just one more zip bag and then I really need to catch up on some projects in progress!  Plus I'm out of zipper now, but Sue from Susan Sews told me about WAWK Sewing Supplies and how wonderful their prices are.  She wasn't kidding...25 7" zippers in assorted colors are only $4.99!  Check them out at www.wawak.com.


Jean said...

These are very cute! I have been making some pouches too and it's hard to stop as they go so quickly! Nice to have something to sew in between quilts!

Ma, Herself said...

Gorgeous! I love that blue...
Thanks for shopping tip, Susan <3

Needled Mom said...

Thanks for the link. That is an amazing price. Love the cute fabrics in this little bag.

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