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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pre-Quilted Squares

Another package that I found among the gifted fabrics was an envelope full of assorted pre-quilted 6" squares.  While still in the original envelope from Mehlco Crafts, these didn't come with any instructions.  There are two squares of each print and I'm suspecting that they are a polyester blend as well.  Does anyone have a suggestion for what I could do with these squares, besides making 25 pot holders?


Tudy said...

Make large coasters.

Sewing Sue said...

Well if you're in a mood to make something larger, you could peel back the fabric half an inch all the way around and sew first right sides then wrong sides together, kind of in a quilt as you go method. Personally I would not take the time to do that unless I was in a complete lower body cast, but I'm just saying... if you love the fabric. If not, donate somewhere.

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