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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mass Production

I don't normally make more than one or two items from a pattern, but when my four oldest granddaughters saw the cell phone wallet that I made a few weeks ago they all begged for one of their own!  They really are just the right size for girls, so how could I say no?  They are easy enough to make, but I don't think I'll be making any more any time soon!  I'm ready to work on something different for a change!


andsewon said...

Cute! Grammy's just do not have NO in their vocabulary do we!!!

Needled Mom said...

Awww.....what a nice Graandma you are. They are so cute too. I don't like working on the same item more than once either. My worst sewing project was having to do 4 bridesmaid dresses - in the same fabrics, but different sizes. They were beautiful, but I dreaded every minute after the first one was done!!!

Barb said...

Those are awesome....where did you get the pattern or did you make it up?

Jean said...

Those are so cute! I love them and they are all bound. They remind me of a camera case I made one time.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'd love a pattern for the cell phone wallet! Grandmas just can't say no, can they? (I know I can't! ha!)

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