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Friday, December 27, 2013

Sock Solutions

I received several different solutions to my query about how to make hand-knit socks last a little longer.  One suggestion was to reinforce the soles of the socks by adding a strand of Woolly Nylon while knitting the socks (which I will definitely try when I make my next pair of socks).  Another suggestion was to use two strands of yarn on the bottom and the heel of the socks. This makes them a little thicker, but they last a bit longer.  Probably a very good solution for slipper socks!  As for socks that already have holes in them (like the ones in the photo did) I found a great way to knit a patch in place at Taking Time to Smell the Roses and what is better for a quilter than knit patchwork socks?  Now if I can just convince Anya to take Jean's advice and stop working so hard while wearing her socks and just keep her feet up!


Needled Mom said...

I frankly like the idea of staying off the feet!!!! ;-)

Jean said...

She should definitely do that, but I'm glad that you found some solutions to the problem as well. The nylon in there seems like it would hold up longer, you will have to try that on her next pair, though I love the patchwork "patch"!

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