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Monday, August 1, 2011

Missed Call

Saturday afternoon my husband and I traveled an hour from home to tour one of the two Alzheimer's units that are "in our area".  (With Alzheimer's at near epidemic proportions it seems like most nursing homes would be required offer specialized care for dementia patients, but that's a whole other post.)  We weren't nearly as impressed with with the nursing home as we hoped we would be and we are less than enthusiastic about the idea of moving my mother-in-law so far away from home, so we will continue on in our search.  We arrived home feeling disappointed that the Alzheimer's Unit didn't meet our expectations and talking about what we will do if the next nursing home isn't any better than the first when we noticed that answering machine was beeping.  When there is a message left on the answering machine hubby always says, "Somebody love us..." and this time he was right!  The message was from Ami Simms!  Yes, I said the AMI SIMMS, quilter, author, and the founder and executive director of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative!  She called to thank me for my participation in the AAQI Quilt-a-Month Club and left an absolutely heart warming message.  I wish that I had been home to talk to her in person, but on the other hand, it's nice to have the sweet recorded message saved on my machine to listen to again when I'm feeling down and disappointed by this dreadful disease, because it sure brightened a pretty bad day on Saturday!

(Thank you for the call, Ami, and yes, I will be sending you more quilts!)


evelyn said...

OH Susan, how bittersweet. Ami Simms calling, awesome.
Sorry to read that the homes you have visited haven't turned out. Have you looked into any of the smaller care homes? Are there any in your area?

Lori said...

What an exciting surprise!! So sorry the other home didn't work out.

Anya said...

At least you have a recorded message from her. All I have is what Gary remembers from her call. He had no clue who she was!

Needled Mom said...

That was a "somebody loves you" message. If anyone could understand your plight it would be Ami. I am sorry that the Alzheimer unit did not impress you. The distance would have been bearable if it was a terrific fit.

Jean said...

I know that made your day. Big hugs. Hope you find a place soon.

Deb said...

How exciting Susan. Make sure you don't wipe that message off.
Such a hard decision for you and your husband to go through making decisions for his mother. You know that whatever decision you make it will be the best one as it will be made with your hearts and your desire for the best for Mum.

Julia said...

I am praying that you find the perfect place for your Mother-in-law!
What a great surprise to hear from Ami herself!
Okay, so I AM going to make a couple of quilts for this cause!

Joanne Lendaro said...

very cool!!!

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