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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wet Paint And Little Feet

Look what I convinced the lil' cowboy's mommy and daddy to let me do! It wasn't that hard...all I had to do was promise to make them a little artwork wall hanging too. It was an interesting process that just took a little fabric paint, some muslin, three adults and one squirmy baby. I think we all all had blue paint on us before we were done, but we ended up with two sets of nice baby foot prints to use for the wall hangings. We found this perfect cowboy boot fabric at Needles Quilt Shop to use for the border, so now I just need to get stitching!


Barb said...

I am looking forward to seeing a picture of what you do with the *litle feet*...very cute with the little cowboy fabric!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful Susan. When my children were little I made them dance of paper and give me their hand prints. I still have it somewhere as it's the sort of thing you never throw away. Son's feet are now UK 8 1/2 he says so I think that's a US 9 or 10!

I hope you share what you turn them into- such a great idea.

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