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Thursday, March 26, 2009

@#$% Zippers!

I won't embarrass myself by telling how many tries it took me to make this selvage bag, but I'm sure you can tell by the tangled mess of threads on my sewing room floor that it was more than once...@#$% zippers! I wanted to make a simple selvage change purse to match my selvage bag and thought I could wing it on my own. That was my first mistake! After spending a little time searching the internet I found this Wristlet Tutorial which took the mystery out of the whole process. I can't say that I love zippers now, but they certainly aren't the enemy anymore thanks to Jody's great tutorial!


Jody said...

OMG - I love it!!! I haven't made any with selvadges before - I may have to copy this!!!

Awesome job - I'm glad you liked my tutorial :)

Deb said...

Thats cool Susan, I saw something vrry similar in a shop the other day instead of being made of selvadges and one zip it was all zips!! Bet you'd love making that-lol

Anonymous said...

Well done -this is fabulous. I am a fan of matching sets too. I am glad you sorted out the zip it was well worth the effort.

Hunter said...

No one would ever guess that you had even a lick of trouble with that zipper. It looks great.

And what a cute project.

Best regards,

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