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Friday, March 6, 2009

My Computer Is Sick

Apparently Norton doesn't block everything and my computer has come down with some kind of bug. I'm afraid that it needs more than a home remedy, so it's going to the computer hospital for a couple of days. I'll miss you all terribly, but maybe I'll get some extra stitching done because I won't be spending all of my free time on the computer!


Deb said...

We also have learnt after many years of having Norton to finally get rid of it. We now have AVG and have never had problems since installed. It is so frustrating not having your computer -what did we do when they weren't so popular- we must have had very few friends, thats for sure and being able to meet people across the globe wouldnot have been a possibility unless we travelled.

Anonymous said...

Ooo I hope it gets well soon and you are back with us showing all the gorgeous creations you've ben making without any distractions. :-)

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