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Monday, March 2, 2009

Prairie Stitches

Over the weekend I finished the wall hanging that I made from the block that Miss Two made for me for Christmas. I tried to make my quilt stitches big and wonky to keep with the primitive feel of the wall hanging, but that was harder than I thought it would be! Back when I first started hand quilting I didn't have any trouble making big prairie stitches, but after a few years of practicing to get small even stitches it was really hard to go back to making the big uneven ones. I sure hope I don't have any trouble going back to making the small even stitches on Miss One's wall hanging!


Barb said...

First I love the block, and your *trying* to achieve the "Prairie Stitch" look made me smile! We struggle for tiny neat stitches and then reverse the struggle to look primitive...smiles galore on this one!

Karen said...

I have a quilt I would like to big stitch and was thinking the same thing. Funny!

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