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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Lies

Normally I can knit and no one pays much attention to what I am making, so I don't have to hide those projects like I do the ones that are in the sewing room, but that was before Miss One learned how to crochet!  Apparently she has developed a yarn addiction that rivals her grandmama's because she spotted this project from across the room and wanted to know what I was making with the "sparkly white yarn".  I had to think quick, because they are actually the fingerless gloves that she has been wanting for Christmas, so I told her that I was making more mittens for the mitten tree. (A friend of mine calls these little white lies told at holiday time "snow lies"...isn't that cute?) Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to be more careful about where I leave my knitting from now on!


Deb said...

Great answer Susan and at this time of year all little "fibs" can be forgiven.

Cheryl said...

I know what you mean about little fibs ... the kids are forever asking me questions about what I am doing and I have to tell a little one too, so I try to do most of their thngs when the are in school.

Sew This N That said...

What a great answer babe, yes we can let you off with a little snow lie ;)
The fingerless gloves look awesome babe, what great presents :)
*hugs* Heather x

Amy said...

forgiven,I wanna see the fingerless gloves when they are finished please. I love fingerless gloves.Thank you for sharing,Amy

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