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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Jane, I've Missed You!

You all know that my life has been consumed with baby quilts lately and my Dear Jane project has been packed away in the back of the sewing room closet for much too long! Yesterday was the monthly meeting of our Dear Jane group, so I packed up my reproduction fabrics, sewing machine, and my cell phone (in case the stork should call) and spent the day sewing with the other Laurel Janes. It was wonderful to get out for the day with my friends and no, the stork didn't call.

The blocks that I completed yesterday (Shoe Fly, Yankee Puzzle, Log Cabin, and Churn Dash) are not in the original Dear Jane quilt, but I love the classic blocks and have decided to include some favorites in my quilt. The patterns for these blocks (and many others) are included in the Dear Jane software and can be found in the Block Library menu under "Good for Alternate Blocks".

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