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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still Waiting

We are still waiting for the newest grandbaby to arrive (so much for the doctor's prediction of an early delivery). I've been working on a simple rolled brim baby hat for the baby and it's starting to look like I won't have any trouble finishing it before the baby arrives...I may even have time to make a matching pair of socks!


Anya said...

Still waiting? I was sure you would have a new grandbaby by the time you served dessert on Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good one!

Barb said...

That is just a gorgeous *pink* yarn, and looks so sweet, what a nice idea to add the socks too! Do we have a baby yet? I remember those false alarms waiting for the birth of my own daughter ~ two trips to the hospital and I just wanted to have that baby!! Two weeks late and she was a healthy, happy baby! My doctor always said "when the apple is ripe it will drop" LOL! But as a Grandma, it throws a whole different slant on things!

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